Promotions. Loyalty. Feedback. Rewards


Create real-time promotions and send them directly to your customers smartphones. Meal deals, buy (x) get (y) free, discounts and many more are available, the variations are endless. With in-depth back office analysis, see what works and what doesn't


Customers love to get something for spending their money with you time and time again. Our loyalty module makes this easy to set up and seamlessly links to the EPoS system. No need for cards, just let the customers use their phones


Do you know what your customers really think? The feedback module allows customers to easily complete a questionnaire directly on their smartphone and rewards them for completing it by issuing them with a promotional voucher, encouraging repeat visits.


Reward your customers and encourage repeat visits and loyalty. Create schemes based on number of visits, volume of spend and much more. Customers can interactively see their progress on our digital stamp card directly in the app


Whether you need managed meal packages for students or a daily subsidy for staff feeding, allowances can be configured to match your exact requirements. Configuration options include locations, specific EPoS, timed and products or prouct group resrictions.


Powerful analysis of the data you have collected is essential. Using the power of Microsoft Excel, data can be pivoted and viewed in any format and at any level you require. From high-level brand overview to granular line-by-line detail, it"s all available at the click of a button

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