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We are Kappture

Founded in 2012 by hospitality industry experts, Kappture builds the point of sale systems trusted by large event organisers and demanding businesses worldwide.

Powerful, reliable systems

The event industry cannot suffer failure. Trading for limited periods during the year, every hour matters. Our systems are tried and tested, strong and reliable.

Security first

Joining the industry fairly late in 2012, Kappture had the hindsight to build security first systems.

We have always been PCI compliant, we have regular security audits and our systems are secure from the ground up.

Experienced installation crew

We do this day in, day out. There's nothing we haven't come across before.

Support you can rely on

Per-event and pay as you go options, fully managed services and pre-event health checks.

Industry leading transaction times

Lightning fast user interface built by an experienced UX designer. Absolute minimum key presses.

Technology leaders

Led by a strong technical team we are no copy-cats. Our systems constantly push the boundaries of the industry. Like this!


Million orders processed


£Million customer revenue

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